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Lebanese Grill

Restaurant & Takeaway


01753 576666



Lebanese Grill


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Monday-Friday:     11:00am - 4:00am


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Opening Times

   11:00am - 4:00am


Tel:  01753.576.666


316-Farnham Road


Berkshire, SL2 1BT


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Grill Menu


Lamb Shish Kebab


Small £4.40

Large £5.80

Chicken shish Kebab


Small £4.20

Large £5.50

Chicken Shawarma


Small £4.20

Large £5.20

Lamb Shawarma


Small £4.50

Large £5.50

Mixed Grill

shish kufte,lamb shish & chicken shish



Meat selection & chips 

Lamb donner & chips



Whole Flame Grilled Chicken



Whole Flame Grilled Chicken

with salad or rice or chips


1/2 Flame Grilled Chicken

with salad or rice or chips


Grilled Sea Bass

Served with salad & rice



Special Chello Kebabs

2 Skewers Minced Chello kebab



2 Skewers Boneless Chello chicken kebab



Mixed Chello Kebab



All served with salad & choice of sauce

Lamb Kufte Kebab


Small £3.50

Large £4.80

Lamb Donner Kebab


Small £3.60

Large £4.60

Grill Chicken Speciality

Chicken Pastes: lemon, garlic, medium or hot!

Please allow 25 minutes for slow cooking.

Grilled Fish

All Served with rice, salad & sauce

Lamb Chello Kebab