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Lebanese Grill

Restaurant & Takeaway


01753 576666


Lebanese Grill

Lebanese Grill


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Monday-Friday:     11:00am - 4:00am  


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Opening Times

   11:00am - 4:00am


Tel: 01753.576.666


316-Farnham Road


Berkshire, SL2 1BT

Our Menus

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Cold starters



Hummos Bairuti                 








Tabolah Salad                    


Arabic Salad                      




Greek Salad                          £4.00


Fattoush Salad                      £4.00




Tazeki                                    £3.50




Cold Mezza Platter                £6.99  


Hot starters

Fried Halloumi Cheese      


Foul Medames                  





Grilled Chicken wings(6)



Grilled chicken Wings(9)



Lamb Chops (3)                    




Lentil Soup          



Rice Kibbeh





Spicy Potato Wedges

Lebanese Mosaga




Stuffed Grape Leafs

(Warag Inab)





Onion Rings


Cheddar Cheese Stuffed

-Jalapeno Pepper


Chicken Nuggets


Chips Small



Rice Dishes


Lamb shank with rice & sauce



Chicken Biryani




Okra in sauce & Rice

okra, onions, garlic, lamb meat cooked in especially seasoned tomato sauce,served with rice.(veg option available also)



Mossaga with Rice

Lamb meat, egg plant, green pepper, tomato & onions cooked in specially prepared sauce.(veg option available also)



A paste of baked aubergines mixed withsesame seed sauce,tahini sauce,yoghurt,garlic & fresh lemon juice

Bairut city style Hummos.

A delicious salad served with fried breads bits,parsley & mint.

Delicious Middle Eastern style yoghurt with cucumber and garlic

A four starter cold plate (Hummos,Moutabel Tabolah Salad,Vine leaves.)

Small bread beans,onions,parsley garlic,diced together served with olive oil.

Marinated & grilled on charcoal.

Marinated & grilled on charcoal.

A delicious freshly made soup.









































Deep fried rice dough stuffed with specially spiced minced meat and one house Nan

Cilantro, potatoes & hot chilli (L)


Fried Aubergine baked with tomatoes,parsley,chickpeas, onions, peppers & fresh mint.

Vegetarian style grape leafs stuffed with rice, tomatoes, parsley.


























Chips Large